“Olivia could not have been a better coach.  As a newcomer to triathlons and triathlon training, she quickly helped me form goals and created a custom training plan.  By listening and understanding both where I was in my life as well as my baseline physical condition, Olivia was able to create workouts that pushed me to become a better athlete while fitting into a real-life schedule.  Throughout the process she would adjust the plan to address what my body was telling me and respond to areas of need, all while inspiring confidence and showing me what to expect.  Whether you are a new to the sport and looking to challenge yourself to something different or a seasoned veteran looking to shave seconds and push yourself to the next level, Olivia will get you to the starting line healthy, prepared and confident. “


Dan D.

Beginner Triathlete | Firefighter


“Olivia is an amazing coach, mentor, motivator, you name it. She always has other peoples best interest at heart. She believes in me when I don’t think I can keep going. She pushes me to be the best athlete I can be. Olivia has helped me of course in athletics, but more importantly she has helped me grow as a person. Wherever she goes, she leaves a lasting impact. She sure left an impact on me. I am forever grateful that I had Olivia Dietzel as a coach.”

Morgan H.

Cross Country Runner | Wahlert Catholic High School


I know Coach Dietzel through Wahlert Women’s Cross Country ! To be honest, I am not someone who will wake up and run 6 miles ! But, I do enjoy running as a hobby ! Cross was difficult, yet so rewarding ! With Coach Dietzel by my side it made it 10x easier ! When running she motivates you, talks you through it, and always has a smile on her face ! She will never let you forget you are capable of amazing things ! I couldn’t ask for a better assistant coach !

Lydia F.

Cross Country Runner | Wahlert Catholic High School

Olivia Dietzel is such a hard worker. She is such a great coach to the Wahlert Catholic girls cross country team. She encourages the girls before every meet. She makes the girls feel good after they run at meets and practices. She never gives up on the girls. Olivia was and is such a great, new addition to the team. Olivia pushes the girls to always to always do better because she knows they can.  Olivia would always tell them. “you are stronger than you think you are.” She would tell them this when they were nervous. She would make them look at their nerves in a different way. Olivia would always tell them “you got this.” Olivia Dietzel is an amazing coach to the Wahlert Catholic cross country team. 

Evie W.

Cross Country Manager | Wahlert Catholic High School

To me, Coach Dietzel is an inspiration. Last year, Coach Dietzel joined Wahlert’s Cross Country team as a assistant coach, however, everyone on our team thought she was an incoming freshmen because of how little she was. Little did we know she was a stud runner who knew everything, and I mean everything, about running. For example, EVERY single time I was in the slightest/harshest pain after a run or during a run, she told me what to do to aid and fix the pain so that I could become a better runner. She has helped our team grow immensely— from helping us heal from injuries to sprinting our course during our race to cheer for us. She gave us that extra push and desire to pass the girl ahead of us. Coach Dietzel is hands down the most dedicated coach i’ve had through all of my high school years. I believe what makes her have such a strong bond with her runners is: going on every run with us, being open with us, letting us enjoy ourselves while keeping us focus on our goals, intellectual about individuals running form, practice, injuries, and etc. From Coach Dietzel’s personal experiences with running, she has become an amazing coach, leader, inspiration, and idol.

Alix O.

Cross Country Runner | Wahlert Catholic High School

“Before I signed up for my first half marathon and I had not been running regularly for a few years as I had just had my second child. I was very scared about running again and had many doubts about whether or not I could actually finish a half marathon. My goal was to simply finish the half marathon. Olivia was amazing and very accommodating of my current physical activity level. She made a plan for me that I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to run several miles without stopping! I was amazed! She created a plan that I that involved cross-training along with running, which I loved the change of pace and it didn’t take away so much time from my young kids. My finishing time was 2:47:25, 7 months postpartum. Olivia is so motivating, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable about running and training. I am so grateful she helped me achieve this goal of mine!”

Kayla D.

First Time Half-Marathoner | Mother of 2

“If you’re looking for a coach for an upcoming race I would highly recommend Olivia. She helped me complete my first half marathon which I never imagined myself doing. Before training with Olivia I hadn’t run more than 3 or 4 miles at a time and even those runs were many years ago. I set out with humble expectations but with Olivia’s encouragement I was exceeding my goals while training. She is a great motivator, especially considering I never saw myself as a runner, that knows how to maximize your potential without pushing you too far. She created a customized cross training plan for both myself and my wife and would check up on us to see how we were handling the training. This included adjusting the intensity of the plan week to week. Olivia is one of the hardest working people I know and I couldn’t have done my race without her help.”

Mike D.

First Time Half-Marathoner | New Dentist